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Embrace began in 2010 as a lifestyle brand with the mission to empower and inspire women to experience life as a joyful journey. 

The Embrace Art Collection is about life’s challenges, and each artwork piece is a gift to open about ourselves.  Each sketch has a story inspired by women and the day-to-day journey we all share. The artwork serves as a daily affirmation to keep life light-hearted and positive...Reminding us of the brighter side of life that gets us through the tough days.

Our Story

"After years of designing for large apparel companies, I became involved in assisting with community-based recovery programs for victims of rape, domestic violence, and sexual harassment. It opened my eyes to the many women that were victimized.

But it also made me think of the many other women who, behind closed doors, were going through their own silent crisis, too afraid to share their stories. Finances, family, careers, romance - so many stressful situations threatening the inner peace and strength of all women, one way or another. I saw that this was the real world, not the glitter of the fashion industry. 

I became inspired to design a line that would convey a message of hope and empowerment to all women, addressing the interior of women's heart and soul, no longer just their exterior. And I chose artwork as the means to deliver this message." - Kathleen Sampson


About the Artist

Brooklyn-born with a heart that belongs to Orange County, Kathleen Sampson first discovered her passion for art when she was seven years old; by high school she knew it would be her life’s calling. But compelled by her mother’s plea to pursue a “practical” career, Kathleen decided to corral her creativity into a more profitable profession: design.

Decades later, after a successful career as a swim & sportswear designer, Kathleen has found her art again.

“I will always be a designer — loving fabrics, color, the excitement of creating a new look—but my life’s passion is in creating art that explores this wonderful journey we are all on.”

Creating Embrace has been Kathleen’s journey; she is inspired to draw and write about life’s everyday moments that capture her heart. While the inspiration may come from something serious, the outcome is always positive and uplifting.

Kathleen lives in Tustin, CA, where she has raised her three children, dogs, a cat that thought he was a dog, turtles, rabbits and chickens. According to Kathleen, Embrace’s message to awaken to the joy and power of embracing life as a journey was inspired by her brother, Stuart Haskin, and his work as executive director of Get Safe—a non-profit committed to empowering people from all walks of life through its personal safety and awareness programs.