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The Embrace Sketchbook Collection expresses thoughts that many of us have had about life, and their messages inspire us to look within ourselves and see the positive side of life.  We hope that you will share your journey with us as we share our thoughts and vision for embracing life and being empowered by all life has to offer us.

Want to hear the stories behind the sketches? To learn what, or who, inspired Embrace artist Kathleen Sampson to create her favorite prints, visit her personal blog, embracing KATHY!


Embrace the Night

Members of UC Irvine CARE light candles in preparation for the candlelight vigil and march to honor survivors of sexual violence.Embrace traveled to UC Irvine on Wednesday, April 18 to host a booth at Take Back the Night 2012, an event that raises awareness about sexual violence and aims to honor survivors of such violence. At its table, Embrace shared the message of living "free from fear" while addressing varous aspects of sexual violence, mainly taking back control of your life by being aware of and embracing your inner-self.

The UC Irvine campus was geaing up for TBTN since early Monday by hosting The Clothesline Project at the beginning of the week. On Wednesday evening, students gathered on the steps at the campus entrance to kick off the TBTN event with a spoken-word piece written and performed by a student and survivor of sexual abuse. Following some other brave speakers and a moving candlelit march to raise awareness and honor survivors of sexual violence, attendees meandered through stations hosted by local organizations that address various aspects of sexual violence, including recovery.

The theme of the Embrace/Get Safe table was "Free From Fear: Awareness Of Your Surroundings, Awareness Of Your Inner-Self." All proceeds from sales were donated to the Women's Transitional Living Center, and designer Kathleen Sampson brought along severeal pieces of the Embrace art collection, including "Let Go," with its appropriate message: "Embrace Your Inner Strength: Let Go of your fears... free yourself to live the life you want to live!"

The message of "Let Go" also gave us an inspired idea... we asked TBTN attendees to participate in a video collage answering this simple question: "What do you 'Embrace' most in your life?" The diversity in responses was truly remarkable! Check out the final video below, and click here to view more photos from this empowering event!

Embrace Your Inner Strength!




It all started with a sketch of a girl riding a bike with outstretched arms "letting go" of her fear and feeling exhilarated in conquering her fear of falling on her face. Letting go can be very difficult depending on what's happening in your life. Opening yourself to discussion is a great start for connecting with others and sharing your thoughts. For me, artwork opens the door to my real feelings. Please make comments about each drawing that inspires you; we would love for you to share your thoughts and feelings with all of us!


Embrace Motherhood

The quote in the sketch says, "From the first moment on your heart is always connected."  Motherhood is very empowering, not only because it is the most important role a woman can take on, but also it is a life time journey.  We go through so many stages of motherhood, not to mention all the emotions we go through. We often lose sight how important we are as mothers.  Think about how, you, as a mom influences the next generation; shaping another human being, a future friend, husband, or wife and parent.  It makes no difference if the child is your own child or you step in to help another families child,  what is important is to realize our importance and value as mothers.

Through it all, a mother multi tasks her day; this must be where the saying came from and most likely she does not give herself the credit she deserves for being an empowered woman.  If we enjoy the journey, every stage of motherhood opens new doors to understanding ourselves and our sisterhood of mom's.  Embrace and enjoy every stage of motherhood; the happy times and the inevitable downs.  When the days get crazy, good support group comes in handy.  Sharing all the crazy moments with other moms  can bring lots of laughs and lasting friendships. Embrace being a mom, enjoy every stage of your childs life.  Keep a journal; you will be amazed how many laughs you will get years later.  Sorry, there is no blueprint...every child is unique and what worked for one child may be all wrong for the next child.  Remember to laugh...laugh everyday! Laughter keeps the frown lines away and can heal bad feelings in an instant.  

Enjoy the journey!




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